Thursday, February 4, 2016

List 4 Spices for Preventing Cancer Cells

Someone who are accustomed to the modern lifestyle, without restricting healthy diet, more easily contribute to cancer. As a man, you must immediately prevent and detect early.
Here are four basic ingredients of herbs that can be used as an herb that is effective in preventing attacks cancer cells, reported by Boldsky, Friday (05/02/2016).

Aloe vera
According to a study that has been published, now phytonutrient applied for contained aloe vera can destroy cancer cells. Therefore, if you are diligent eating glass of aloe juice, of course easily help you prevent some types of cancer.

Garlic has the ability to maintain immunity and anti-carcinogenic betsifat. Certainly both can prevent you from attack malignant cancer cells.

The most popular spice that is easy dioalah as food and beverages is also act as anti-cancer agents. Eat warm turmeric juice mixed with honey every day in order to feel its benefits in the long term.

Behind the spiciness of pepper contain active substances known as piperine. Its nature as a powerful antioxidant for the body, so it is able to inhibit the growth of cancer stem cells that can prevent the risk of cancer.

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