Thursday, March 31, 2016

Overcome Pain Faster with Physical Therapy

Acute pain management can be done more quickly with medication or physical therapy. But the problem of chronic pain, often medication actually cause new problems as side effects.

"Another procedure that can be done is minimally invasive pain therapy. Where the patient will be given drugs directly to the target therapies that minimize side effects, "said Stephen Taofik SpAN Specialist in Media Gathering Specialty Hospital Heart Diagram in Jakarta, Tuesday (29/3).

He added advantage of this procedure is without using a scalpel. The trick with the guidance of x-ray ray fluoroscopy or ultrasound mnggunakan, patients would be safer to handle. Stephen said, patients who undergo surgery often complain of new problems, including pain can be acute and chronic. One of the problems often encountered in the form of knee joint pain.

The complaint arising from rheumatoid arthritis, systemic nature of this (autoimmune or Osteo Arthritis) and is influenced by local factors joints and surrounding muscles. However Osteo Arthritis pain can be treated by therapeutic interventions.

"That is by manipulating the neural supply to the knee and provide drugs directly into the knee joint to relieve inflammation. But of course this therapy can not be applied to all cases. Physiotherapy is often unsuccessful if carried out before treatment because patients are generally reluctant to train the area of pain," he explained ,

Then the other important things that need to be considered in the treatment of pain, which is a comprehensive and holistic action. This means that the specialist will see the precipitating factors of the pain. "Like how to do the activities that wrong. For example, bending the knees excessively or leg muscles are not trained, coupled with excess weight that makes the knee joint to work harder. It must be observed. The patient was expected to follow a healthy lifestyle so that the pain is relieved, as exercise to lose weight, "he said.

Problem pain dominates nearly 70 percent of the complaints of patients who received treatment in the emergency room and outpatient. Pain in general are commonly known is an acute and chronic. In the diagnosis of acute, this pain can be caused by injury or post-surgery. While chronic pain is more complex because it has a correlation with psychological factors, and very disturbing in daily activities.

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