Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Seven Benefits of Eating Bananas for Health

Besides tasty, bananas also have a myriad of health benefits. eat bananas every day can avoid the risk of heart disease, constipation until complaints during menstruation.

In addition, bananas also provide additional energy for the body. Solopos quoted from page Boldsky on Tuesday (08/03/2016), here's a number of benefits of bananas you need to know;

Improve Mood

Bananas contain tryptophan lot. These compounds are useful for making a person more relaxed and improves mood. This happens because the tryptophan in the banana function to produce the compound that makes a person feel better (serotonin).

Controlling Blood Pressure

Compounds potassium contained in bananas useful for controlling blood pressure in the body. It is better if you eat three bananas every day to keep the blood pressure remains stable.

Stopping Smoking Habit

A research has shown that bananas can help a person to quit smoking addiction. Eat at least 3 bananas every morning to eliminate the addiction to cigarettes.

Avoid Blood Clotting

Research shows that by eating three bananas a day can lower the risk of blood clots, especially in the brain. Potassium is a compound that plays a role in this process.

Producing Iron

Bananas have an iron content is high enough. This substance plays a role in producing hemoglobin and prevents anemia.

preventing Constipation

Bananas have a high fiber content. With it, the banana is beneficial to prevent and treat constipation.

nourish Bones

A study states if potassium contained in bananas is also helpful to prevent damage to the bone.

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