Thursday, March 10, 2016

Vegetable extracts Pare Good for Diabetes

During this time, the fruit pariah or better known as bitter melon is only consumed as a vegetable and fresh vegetables. However, in the hands of five female students (Prodi) Nahdlatul Ulama of Nursing, University of Surabaya (Unusa), fruit taste bitter tea that can actually be good for consumption by diabetics.

The fifth student was Fitriyah Dina Rahayu (class of 2013), Siska Wahyuningsih (2013), Dwiko Resyta Delimasari (2014), Fatimatuz Zahroh (2014), and Eka Lisnawati Yuniati (2014). Everything from D3 study program of Nursing Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery (FKK) Unusa. The work was started on the proposal that they made with the title "Tere (Tea Pare) Insulin Like" who qualify for student creativity program (PKM) that will get and a grant from the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education or Higher Kemenristek.

In the proposal Tere (Tea Pare), the five student that makes pare which is known to have a bitter taste, into a tea extract resembles a teabag. "It is great to be consumed by diabetics," said Dina Fitriyah, representing his friends.

According to him, pare with the Latin name Mommordica charantia L contains karantin can make as a stimulant for the pancreatic beta cells in order to produce more insulin. However, if the melon is only made of vegetables or fresh vegetables, said Dina, sometimes many do not like because of the bitter taste.

"So, now we make the extract," he said.
Tea extract Pare made before the fifth pare the student's choosing, fruits like cucumber, fresh. Pare fresh can be characterized by its color is still green and the shape is still intact. Furthermore, he said, pare it was washed, then cut in the form of small pieces. Afterwards, sun dried. The drying can be in the sun or in a way put in the oven. Once dry, bitter melon fruit is then crushed or blender until smooth.

"To counteract bitterness, we can also add guava leaves as a mixture," said Dina.
Finally, the fine powder is mixed pare guava leaf was put into the bag as the tea bag. Quite dipped into the hot new drink. This tea does not have to use these sugars as well as medicine.
College students under the auspices of religious organizations Nahdlatul Ulama or NU choose pare as a material for the follow PKM is not without reason. As a student who studies in the field of health, then they look for ingredients that are beneficial to health, but not many people like to consume the material.

In the search process of research, they discover facts about the content karantin in pare. Additionally, pare it also contains a lot of vitamins, including A, B and C. "Per 100 grams of edible fruit cal contains 29 calories, 1.1 grams protein, 0.3 grams fat, 6.6 grams carbohydrates, 45 milligrams of calcium, 64 milligrams of phosphorus, 1.4 milligrams of iron, "he said.
In addition, he said, the bitter melon fruit can also accelerate the release of glucose by the increase in glucose metabolism or put it into fat deposits.

In addition to production techniques in order to pare can be consumed into a tea, in the proposal, students are also required to include target markets to be targeted and the funds needed. Once calculated, finally the needed funds amounting to Rp 6.2 million.

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