Sunday, March 27, 2016

Learn 5 Facts About Antioxidants

We often hear a lot about antioxidants, including in food packaging. However, some of us may not know the facts as well as the function of chemicals that can defuse free radicals and other molecular fragments that would damage this body. Here are five facts about antioxidants that must be known:

1. Antioxidants help slow the oxidation process. Fatty acids are affected during the oxidation process. They are also present in the blood as they are present in food and chemistry changes.

2. Vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium, beta carotene, all of it is an antioxidant. Vitamin E can be found in the cashew nuts, almonds, crab, shrimp, and fish.

Vitamin C is present in citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries, and broccoli. While selenium contained in dairy products, meat, fish, cereals, while beta-carotene is found in fruits and vegetables that are dark green and yellow.

3. Free radicals cause memory or memory decline with aging. Memories associated with brain function and the brain is quite weak, because it has antioxidants. Sufficient intake of antioxidants will help improve memory.

4. In addition to fruits and vegetables, the antioxidant content can be obtained from egg yolk, brown rice, whole wheat, coffee, oatmeal, safflower oil, and dark chocolate.

5. The fact that should be known about antioxidants latter is often we hear that antioxidants can be found in packaged food. In fact it is not true, because the forms of antioxidants will be worth it once we opened the packaging of food.

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