Sunday, April 3, 2016

Everyday habits Triggering Neck Pain

Pain in the neck is one complaint that many people have, almost 67 percent of the population never experienced it.

Traumatic arthritis due to an accident or illness can indeed cause pain in the neck, but in fact the disease is often caused by the daily habits that trigger muscle tension around the neck and shoulders.

Recognize any habits that make us often complain of soreness and pain in the neck.

1. Sit in any position
A study once revealed that 45 percent of office workers suffer from chronic neck pain. Computer is one cause.

According Dr.Jeremy Smith, an orthopedic surgeon, a lot of work chairs that do not support the "arc S" natural spine. It was aggravated by sitting arched and drooping to form "the letter C". The result is excess pressure on the neck and the muscles in the back.

Strive to sit in an upright position in a chair that supports ergonomics. Set an alarm to remind people to stand up, change the sitting position, or melakukang short stretch every 30-40 minutes.

2. Obsession smartphone
Write message conversation or comment on social media nonstop not only make hand muscle soreness. Every time you're down to the gadget, the pressure on the neck muscles are very large.

Reduce the time staring at the gadget, hold the phone at eye level, and stretch periodically, to reduce complaints of stiffness in the neck.

3. Smoking habits
Rows of diseases triggered by smoking habit continues to grow, including chronic neck pain. "Smoking will make dehydrated pads in the back and neck muscles so as to accelerate the aging process," says Smith.

The aging process that ultimately lead to various disorders and pressures that interfere with the function of the spine. Smoking also makes the blood vessels harden and tense that the intake of oxygen to the surrounding area is reduced.

4. Sleeping position
Lying or sitting wrong indeed trigger neck pain, but it can get worse if you frequently drink alcohol.

Everyone will naturally change his sleeping position several times a night. But the man who had been drinking alcohol usually change positions less sleep.

As a result, the body can be in an uncomfortable position for long enough muscle. No wonder if you wake up we'll complain sore.

Other sleep habits that need to be improved is to use too many pillows, wearing too soft pillows and mattresses that are less harsh, which can create a natural arch of the neck and head disturbed.
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