Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Never Sleep Wear Contact Lenses

A photo model Kalimantan origin reported experiencing blindness due to lack of habit of keeping the contact lens hygiene. He is also known to use contact lenses while sleeping.

Sleeping without opening the contact lenses may have been done by the users of contact lenses. But, never make it as a habit because the impact is harmful to the eyes.

"Although some soft lens product is approved for use throughout the night, but sleep wearing contact lenses is not recommended because it causes eye infections," said Barnett Dr.Melissa of association of ophthalmologists California, USA.

Use of contact lenses is not right can cause serious infections, pain, light sensitivity, even permanent vision loss.

Find out what are the dangers of using contact lenses while sleeping.

1. Hypoxia on the eyes
Like all parts of the body, eyes also need oxygen so that it serves. Because the cornea does not have its own blood supply, this organ take oxygen from the air and tear.

Wearing contact lenses can reduce the oxygen supply to the cornea, especially if worn all day until bedtime. Chances cornea will experience hypoxia or lack of oxygen.

If the eyes are hypoxic, the risk is very serious. One is the growth of new blood vessels that can lead to vision loss, especially if growth is greater than 2 millimeters.

2. Luka in Korena
Wearing contact lenses too long can increase a person's risk of injuries or ulcers on the cornea. Contact lenses are not treated with the clean and replaced regularly may damage the cornea.

For example, just scratch or a small scratch on the cornea can create open sores that small particles trapped underneath. Bacteria also can enter.

"People who sleep wearing contact lenses is five times higher risk of infections that affect the cornea in the eye permanently. If you want to sleep wearing contact lenses consult a doctor and follow the instructions given," said Walline Dr.Jeffrey ophthalmologist.

3. Parasites
Could fall asleep without removing contact lenses for one night can still be understood. But, constantly "forget" removing contact lenses before sleeping is very dangerous. There have been many cases which show an eye infection due to parasites or bacteria enter the eye.

"Lack of oxygen to the cornea can damage the surface of epithelial tissue, causing minor injuries so easily infect bacteria," said Jian-Liang, an ophthalmologist from the Wan Fang Hospital.

4. Blindness
Keratitis, an infection of the cornea, is the most frequent infections in contact lens users. Bacteria, fungi, amoebae, and herpes, can lead to keratitis. If not addressed, this condition can cause minor vision loss, corneal transplantation, even blindness.

The only way to prevent the risk of infection in the eye is to clean contact lenses carefully, store it, and open it before bed. When you find people who are less conscientious and lazy to clean, just use disposable contact lenses.

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