Sunday, April 24, 2016

Really "Essential Oil" Without Side Effects

Many studies support the benefits of essential oils or essential oils and showed that essential oils have positive effects such as reducing pain, anxiety, memory improvement and much more.

"We are using more and more essential oils in our practice at the Mayo Clinic, such as lavender oil to help deal with stress and peppermint for nausea," said Brent A. Bauer, MD, an internal medicine doctor and director of the Mayo Clinic Complementary and Integrative Medicine Program, Minnesota.

"However, despite fairly rich benefit, however, if used improperly, there is a dangerous consequence of the essential oils."

Do not be lulled by the label "natural"

As healthy as any substance, other than a beneficial effect, of course there are negative effects that can be generated, said Bauer.

"Whether it's a drug, herbal, or essential oils, all should be treated with respect," he continued.

Roz Zollinger, certified aromatherapist, instructor and founder of the Healing Center in Atlanta adds, "Do not consider it a fully secure and realize that not all essential oils company test the quality of their oil. So, you'll want to find out the background of the company before you buy their products. "

Avoid consuming

Unless you are an expert, the best use of essential oils is the use of outside, following the basics of aromatherapy.

"Essential oils are highly concentrated and have varying degrees of toxicity when not used properly," Zollinger warned.

There are many distributors who exemplifies ingest essential oils, without a deeper training in the field.

Zollinger claimed, had heard a few tips that advise clients to add a few drops of lemon oil to water. However, this may cause heat or burning sensation in the throat.

Not for all ages

"The risk varies depending on the age of the individual, how they use oil, personal medical history, medications being taken, and natural chemical in the body of a person," said Katharine Koeppen, a certified aromatherapist and owner Aromaceuticals in Dallas, Texas.

Do not use on infants and toddlers, she suggests, because most of the children under three or four years can not fully process the oil and remove toxins.

Use also carefully for elementary school aged children, as some oils can cause adverse reactions, especially in children who have breathing problems.

Excessive intake can cause liver damage, especially in children. "Consult a doctor if you're not sure," she suggested.

Contradiction with drugs

"For example, something as seemingly innocuous as peppermint essential oil has a surprisingly long list of related interactions with certain medications and medical contraindications," Koeppen said.

If you are unsure about whether should use essential oils in conjunction with medications you are currently taking, avoid all essential oils used to avoid side effects.

Do not directly touch the skin

"Using essential oils on the skin can cause reactions, ranging from mild to dermatitis rash that causes permanent loss of pigmentation of the skin," Koeppen said.

Zollinger added, "The direct contact to the skin in infants and toddlers can also cause problems in the nervous system, convulsions and coma. Some oils can cause photosensitivity effect, especially oranges, so be careful in applying essential oils to the skin when exposed to sunlight and UV waves. "

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