Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Precisely Automatic Hand Dryers Can Spread Germs and Viruses

One important way to avoid germs and viruses is to wash hands with soap. However, notice the hand dryer used.

For drying hands, we could use a tissue, towel or dryer that is commonly found in public restrooms. Microbiology researcher, Keith Redway, reveals why this type of hand dryers have contributed to hand hygiene.

Based on his research, automatic electric hand dryers, such as warm-air dryer or jet air dryer can actually spread the virus.

To know the result of this, the researchers used a harmless virus called MS2. The researchers wanted to see how the virus spreads, then stick in hand when automatic dryer is used. As a result, automatic hand dryer that can spread the virus 190 times more than if using a paper towel.

The virus can be spread vertically and horizontally. Meanwhile, when compared to regular dryer, jet dryer or with a very fast winds can spread the virus contamination 60 times more. Even viruses can spread as far as 3 meters indoors.

Automatic hand dryers in restrooms can transmit bacteria, fungi, and viruses in the air. While the paper tissue produces less air movement than automatic hand dryers.

The experts concluded, most hygienic hand dryer is the use of tissue paper. Provision of toilet tissue paper in general is considered better than the automatic hand dryer.

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