Sunday, April 3, 2016

Fish Cork Proven to Treat Diabetes

Gabus fish appeared to have efficacy as a drug for human health. Researcher Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya, proving that fish extract cork can be a cure diabetes.

In this study, the researchers conducted studies in test animals. The results obtained in test animals, fish extract Gabus can lower blood sugar levels and improve pancreatic tissue damage.

"Damage to the pancreatic tissue itself, can cause hyperglycemic or excess sugar levels in the blood," said one researcher, Dr. Dewi Hidayati SSi MSi, Saturday (02/04/2016).

Dewi said previously tested animals had been given alloxan compounds into the body. These compounds are intended to damage the pancreatic tissue in test animals. Afterwards, test animals administered the extract catfish. Shortly thereafter, looks extract cork fish are able to regenerate the pancreatic tissue previously damaged by alloxan administration of the compound.

"As much as 69.78 percent of the pancreatic tissue can be back to normal," he explained. Then, whether the fish extracts Cork can also treat impotence caused by diabetes that affects men?

Based on the results of the study, fish extract Cork was not only restore the pancreatic tissue, but also managed to regenerate the testicular tissue of test animals. The plan, research on the benefits of fish Cork will also be developed in molecular terms.

"This molecular approach may be a new science in the field of medicine in Indonesia," he said.

Dewi hope, fish extract the original inhabitants of the waters of Indonesia are examined together with the team, could become an alternative diabetes medications that are effective, inexpensive, and easily accessible by the public.

Based on his research entitled "Blueprint for Change", diabetics in Indonesia reached 7.6 million people. As many as 41 percent of them do not know the condition of his health, and 39 percent do not get treatment. The rest, only 0.7 percent of diabetics are getting proper treatment.

In fact, diabetes mellitus (DM) is one of the leading causes of death in Indonesia 6th. Unfortunately, most sufferers are not aware of this disease due to lack of public knowledge about the symptoms arise. In addition, the treatment costs to be incurred are also fairly expensive.

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