Thursday, April 21, 2016

It Can Prevent Plant Foods Different Types of Cancer

President of the International Vegetarian Union Susianto DR Tseng said foods containing vegetable can prevent various types of cancer.

Because based on the study of plant foods that can prevent cancer so it should continue to be disseminated to the public, he said in a talk at the seminar with the theme "Benefits and Vegetable Nutritional Quality In Supporting Activity and Women's Health" to commemorate Kartini Day in Palembang, Thursday (21/4 ).

"Plant-based foods such as tubers are very good for health because of liver cancer can be prevented," he said.

According to him, such as the sweet potato is very suitable for the food and health can also prevent the occurrence of cancer. "Besides potato taro is also very suitable for health, including to prevent things that can interfere with the body in the future," said Susianto.

Therefore, he urged, the mother needs to pay attention to diet, especially in preventing unwanted things. "So keep in mind that a healthy diet in order to avoid various diseases such as cancer," he said.

Balanced nutrition, for example, he said, should be a common concern, especially among mothers of the next generation. "This is because the healthy generation will be able to form a strong state and a highly competitive," he said.

He invites people together pay attention to a healthy diet with balanced nutrition in them by consuming plant foods.

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