Thursday, July 21, 2016

5 Reasons Fast Weight Down is not healthy

Many people who diet may feel happy if they lose weight quickly. Though weight down quickly usually do not survive for long.

In addition, the weight drops quickly also holds the potential that is not healthy. Here are five reasons behind not healthful weight down quickly reported by the Straight Health.

Too Many Changes
Lose weight in a normal speed, which is 500 grams to 1 kg per week, requires a lot of changes. Some of them are a reduction in calorie intake, increase physical activity to reduce the frequency of eating favorite foods.

The man who runs a healthy diet will allow time for the body several weeks to become accustomed to the change. However, when a person lose weight more than 1 kg per week, no time for the body to adapt to many changes.

Instead, it is likely this sudden change will make the person compelled to ignore the diet because the body gets too much pressure.

Not Enough Food
A person who wants to lose weight faster also would normally limit the food to very little. Yet to lose 2 kg in one week it takes 2,000 calories a reduction of the total calories your body needs.

For example, the body requires 3,000 calories per day, then someone who wants to lose weight fast as much as 4 pounds per day can only consume 1,000 calories per day only. Too much cutting your calorie intake can adversely affect that causes a slowing metabolism.

Fast Fast Up Down
Not infrequently, rapid weight loss followed by weight gain too fast. This condition is known as yo yo dieting. If left for a long time, there will be more weight gain than weight decreases.

This condition is caused by the body's inability to maintain weight loss in a long time. When the body has reached 'limit', the body will be compelled to go back on the diet and regular activity to add more weight.

Every day the body needs a variety of nutrients in certain levels, ranging from vitamins, minerals, antioxidants to fiber. People who live a balanced diet should have no trouble with the needs of nutrition. But people who diet to lose weight quickly will cut your calorie intake.

Cutting calorie intake suddenly will make the body gets fewer nutrients. Lack of nutrients can affect the functioning of the body and in this case nutritional supplements will not act as good as the food.

Energy and Sports
To lose weight quickly, a person need to do a lot of sports. Unfortunately, there will be many sports that can be done when the person also cut calorie intake. Calories of food a 'fuel' for the exercise. Without sufficient food intake, exercise will become increasingly difficult to do because the body lacks the nutrients to restore muscle.

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