Sunday, July 17, 2016

Coconut Oil Could Trim Calories in Rice, This Way

Rice has been a staple food for most people in most countries. As a source of energy, rice also has a relatively affordable price and easily obtained. Unfortunately, rice is not absolutely perfect as the food because it contains high starch.

High starch making rice had higher levels of carbohydrates than other grains. When the rice consumed, the starch content in it will be broken down into sugars. Unburned sugar into energy will be 'saved' as fat in the body.

However, two researchers from Sri Lanka to bring fresh air to the fans rice. Both Sri Lankan researchers have managed to find a simple cooking techniques that can easily and quickly change the starch in the rice into something better for health.

Both researchers that the students of College of Chemical Science Sudhair alongside his mentor James Pushparajah Thavarajah experiment rice cooking techniques to alter the composition of the rice. This experimental technique using coconut oil. This technique has been tested on 38 varieties of rice that have a high starch content.

The results showed that coconut oil managed to change the composition of the rice. Its role in the changing composition of rice through this cooking technique is that lipids from coconut oil.

When the cooking process takes place, lipids from coconut oil change most easily digested starch in the rice into a resistant starch. Easily digestible starch is a type of starch that can easily turn into sugar when the rice is consumed. While resistant starch is a starch that tend to be 'good' because the body takes longer to break down the resistant starch.

Changes in the composition easily digested starch into resistant starch was also influential in the calories contained in rice. 'Thanks to' change the composition, calories in rice may decline by about 10-12 percent from the previous. Changes in starch even the potential to reduce the calories in rice by 50 percent. "Oil (coconut) interact with starch and changing the 'architecture' of the starch," said James.

Cooking techniques applied by the two researchers is very simple and easy to do at home. Here is the step-by-step technique to cook rice with coconut oil to change the composition and decrease the calories in rice as reported by The kitchn.

1. Boil water to cook rice to the boil.
2. Add coconut oil as much as three percent of the weight of rice to be cooked in boiling water.
3. Cook the rice as usual.
4. Once cooked rice, rice chill in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. This cooling helps the process of changing starch goes well.
5. Warm the back of rice before eating.
6. The rice is healthier ready to serve.

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