Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Two Natural Ingredients Eye Remover Panda

Who would not be annoyed with a blackened eye bags and grow? It turns out there are many things that cause the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, such as lack of sleep or stress. Another reason is iron deficiency, aging, or are suffering from a disease

Did you know that the skin under the eyes is very delicate and thin? Even thinner than skin on other parts of the face. That is why this area needs extra care because it is very vulnerable to gari fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles.

The best way to get rid of dark circles under the eyes is enough sleep for 8 hours, no stress, eating a nutritious diet, and avoiding tobacco.

Reporting from Boldsky, There are some easy ways you can do to reduce your panda eyes with a little time and patience. You only need a lemon and cucumber are still fresh.

The first thing to do is, parutlah one cucumber and mix with lemon juice in a container. Then Stir until smooth and set aside a few minutes in the refrigerator. After that, strain the mixture of cucumber and lemon using a sieve, because you only use water only. Next apply the juice under your eyes using unjung finger, or you can use a brush. The water is cold is very useful to refresh your tired eyes. Lastly, let stand for 15-20 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Perform maintenance on a regular basis twice a day for maximum results. Good luck!

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