Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lima Food Killer Erection

Erection can be used as a barometer of the health of a man. But, sometimes men forget it and accidentally 'kill' the erection ability.

Typically, the killing ability of erection is diet. Diet indiscriminate clear negative impact on the body, including the erectile ability.

However, a healthy diet can come back to haunt Mr. P. Some foods that are considered healthy can actually reduce the ability of erection.

Here are five types of foods that can reduce or even kill the ability of the penis for an erection:


Many studies mention that drinking wine is good for health. But too much is not good for the body.

Unfortunately, many who think that alcohol is the 'fuel' for durability in bed. As a result, many people who begin drinking alcohol before sex.

Alcohol may hinder the connection between the body and the brain. Including disrupt sexual stimulation. Even drinking too much alcohol can make a person feel stressed and depressed.

Alcohol also tends to make the body fat. The more fat, the lower the testosterone levels of a man. Automatic sexual ability, including erection, decreased.

A study in India mentions that sexual dysfunction is highly prevalent in the penenggak alcohol, especially excessive and dependence. This is supported by research conducted by the University of Washington. The study said that excessive drinking of alcohol will interfere with the response to sexual stimulation and erection hardness.

diet soda

Is diet soda is healthier than regular soda? The answer is not necessarily.

Fizzy drinks contain artificial sweeteners. diet soda, too, still contain artificial sweeteners.

A study in Poland called if a soda can reduce the ability of erection. Fizzy drinks can also cause obesity, which played a role in killing an erection.

Research conducted by the University of Michigan in 2013 helped reinforce the fact that soda causes obesity. Including beverage type diet soda.


It is undeniable, fried foods will taste more delicious. But deliciously on the tongue is not necessarily healthy in body.

Men should reduce the portion of fried food. The reason, fried foods can clog blood vessels, including the blood vessels to the penis.

Fried foods are also associated with increased weight. Weight gain is usually followed by a decline in testosterone levels. Its effect on erectile ability.

Instant popcorn

Instant Popcorn is easy and delicious. It only took heated in the microwave for a few minutes and tersajilah popcorn for a snack.

Who do not realize is that instant popcorn can injure the male erectile capacity. The inside of the bag of popcorn that contains chemicals PFO or PFOS. In clinical trials on animals, both shown to trigger testicular cancer, liver and pancreatic disorders.


The content of isoflavones in soy is healthy. But soy also contains a type of estrogen hormone known as female hormones.

Research conducted by Harvard Medical School called if soy can lower testosterone levels and decreases the ability of erection.

In Japan, a study involving 69 men proved that soy affect testosterone levels.

It should be noted, this condition only occurs if you consume large amounts of soy in the long term. If you just drank soy milk, it is safe.

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