Tuesday, September 20, 2016

6 Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol

High Cholesterol currently experienced by many people. The main cause is not because the intake of unhealthy foods, such as excessive fat and sugar.

Cholesterol actually helps the body produce cell membranes, stimulate the production of certain hormones, to help the absorption of vitamin D in the body. However, if the excessive amount of cholesterol, plaque can form and block blood flow.

Despite knowing the adverse effects of excess cholesterol, in fact there are many people remain relaxed consumption of foods high in cholesterol. In fact, not too difficult to avoid excessive cholesterol. Here are 6 natural ways to lower cholesterol as quoted from Boldsky.com

1. Avoid trans fats
The main steps reduce high cholesterol is to avoid the consumption of foods rich in trans fat such as burgers, pizza, chips, cake or a lot of fried food. Trans fats are the main cause of high cholesterol.

2. Choose protein
Better to include foods high in protein than fat. Protein will keep you fuller longer. If you want to eat meat, choose lean meat. Chicken breast or fish can be the best option.

3. Eat wheat
One of the best ways to lower cholesterol is the consumption of wheat every breakfast. Wheat fiber called glucan can help lower cholesterol in the body.

4. Sports
Sports never absent in any tips on healthy living. Regular exercise or physical activity every day is very helpful to lower cholesterol. No need to exercise too strenuous, begin by exercising at least 15 minutes per day.

5. Eat fruit
No one denies, the fruit is a healthy food. Always include fruits while you eat. Most fruits are rich in antioxidants and fiber that can get rid of excess cholesterol

6. Consumption of cinnamon
In some studies, cinnamon is a natural remedy for lowering cholesterol levels. Add cinnamon in your warm drinks, such as tea and coffee.

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