Friday, July 10, 2015

8 Secrets Easy to Lose Weight

Sport plays an important role in weight loss journey, but how do you fill the "fuel" the body is equally important. If you are ready to create a new lifestyle change and are ready to stop thinking that you have to fight, here's a simple secret that you can do every day and you will feel the results.

1. Stop assume that you should limit eating
According to coach Chris and Heidi Powell, "Every time you limit yourself to food, then this will only make you stress. Because the food you really want is that you limit your food. Keep the mindset that you have to make sacrifices to lose weight, "he said.

 2. Reduce your consumption of processed foods processed foods
Replace processed foods with foods that are not processed. Natural food is not only healthy, but you will also feel that the original taste of a food turned out delicious. If not used, you can start by boiling or steaming food. But, do not fry them.

 3. Select the wheat for consumption
Wheat is rich in fiber and will make you feel full longer. Besides wheat is also good for digestive health and have believed for a long time is able to help you lose weight.

 4. Make your diet yogurt friend
Use yogurt as a companion to your meals, both for a mix of pasta, mixed salad or fruit cocolan. The content of probiotics in yogurt so far not been able to be replaced with other dairy products.

 5. Choose healthy snacks
If you've only eat one kind of snack, which is not even good for health, such as French fries, replace your snacks with foods that contain a combination of protein, intimately, and carbohydrates, such as whole wheat sandwich containing vegetables and meat. It will make you satisfied and replenish lost body energy. It will also prevent you back and forth looking for a snack.

 6. Eat whole fruit
According to chef Cheryl Forberg, RD, when you consume the whole fruit, you will mendaptkan a variety of benefits, ranging from fiber intake, releasing blood sugar slowly, and will keep you full longer. Fruit juice can be enjoyed occasionally, but to get the maximum benefit from the fruit is by eating whole fruit.

 7. Consumption of carbohydrates in the morning
To lose weight, do not avoid carbohydrates completely from your life. This technique was never successful emnurunkan weight. However, when you consume carbohydrates in the morning in sufficient quantities, the body has more time to do the burning, said Bob Harper, a trainer.

 8. Select the appropriate companion for salads
Get rid of dry bread to accompany your salad. Replace the salad dressing with your own production, which can be made from a mixture of yoghurt and fruit. Besides focusing on the contents slad sayuaran vegetables, protein and fruit. If you want something crunchy, you can add a little nuts over the salad.

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