Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Trigger Eating Kidney Stones

Anyone who has ever suffered from kidney stones can certainly remember the severe pain caused by a small rock it as it passes through the urinary tract.

Approximately 1 out of 11 people expected to suffer from kidney stones in her life. Unfortunately, once we had a recurrence of kidney stones is likely to reach 50 percent. Although the disease affects more men, it turns out women who are obese are also at risk.

Most kidney stones are solid mineral clumping and lodged in the urinary tract. The majority of kidney stones are formed of calcium, usually a combination of calcium and oxalate, but there are also formed from uric acid.

Here are some risk factors that make a person susceptible to kidney stones.

- Lack of calcium
While most kidney stones are formed of calcium, does not mean we should avoid foods that contain calcium. In fact, people who consume more calcium more rarely suffer from kidney stones.

If our diet lacking in calcium, a chemical called oxalate, which normally binds calcium in the gastrointestinal tract instead bind calcium in the urine and trigger the formation of stones.

- Most vegetables
Felt already eating healthy but actually developing kidney stones? What is wrong? Of course, because of oxalate that is found in green leafy vegetables. Ideally, oxalate binds to calcium in the intestine and removed the body through the urinary tract.

However, if the amount of oxalate is too high, the concentration of these chemicals more in urine and trigger the formation of stones.

- Food salt
If we are too often consume foods containing sodium, the risk of kidney stone formation will also increase.

- Less orange
Family of citrus fruits contain a substance called citrate, which is known to reduce the risk of kidney stones.

- Too much meat
A 2014 study published in the journal Nutritional Epidemiology found that vegetarians and people who frequently eat fish less often affected by kidney stones compared with those who eat meat. Consumption of red meat or poultry meat of 100 grams per day is known to trigger kidney stones.

- Frequent drinking iced tea
Tea is one of the sources of oxalate that can trigger the formation of kidney stones. Also recently reported a man who mostly drank iced tea with kidney stones. Other drinks should be limited is soda.

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