Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Many Eat Tofu Impact Bad for the Brain

Some foods can affect brain function. In fact, according to the study, too many kosumsi certain foods can reduce cognitive function and memory in the brain. Next five foods that can affect brain function, as quoted from Prevention.com

Know derived from soybeans is still controversial whether it can significantly affect brain function. Based on the research published in the journal Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders, found a link between the number of kosumsi know, that 9 times or more a week, with an increased risk of cognitive decline and memory loss.

Researchers analyzed the consumption out on 719 men and women in Indonesia. Respondents then undergo a series of memory tests. Those who ate more than 9 servings a week more at risk of facing the challenges of memory than those without.

The researchers suspect, the content of phytoestrogens on the idea that affect brain function. On the other hand, tempeh is also derived from fermented soybeans actually found in the study may improve memory.

Kosumsi high in sodium as salt has always been associated with high blood pressure. However, according to the study, kosumsi sodium too much is also not good for brain health.

In the journal Neurobiology of Aging, researchers found that high sodium kosumsi a negative impact on cognitive abilities. However, the negative effects of sodium kosumsi this can be prevented by regular exercise.

Trans fats
One more reason why the Food and Drug Administration in the United States prohibits kosumsi trans fats. According to research published in the journal PLoS One, kosumsi trans fats may reduce the memory function in the brain.

If too much kosumsi trans fat, can make a person have trouble remembering words. In a study involving 1018 participants proved they were kosumsi high trans fat can only remember 65 words correctly. While the average participant can remember 86 words.

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