Sunday, July 12, 2015

Side Effects of Ketchup for Health

Ketchup is a condiment food that has become the people's favorite. Materials fermentation of soy bean mixture, salt, brine, and fungus Aspergillus this, it has adverse effects on health.

Fermented soy contains large amounts of chemicals called isoflavones. It is a phytoestrogen and one of the main chemicals that interfere with the secretion of estrogen and other hormonal activity in humans.

When you penyukai ketchup, you should not consume excessive amounts in order to avoid impacts to your health, as collected by Boldsky, Saturday (07/11/2015).

Kidney problems

Kidneys can be affected by oxalate and phytoestrogens are present in soy products. Oxalate cause kidney stones, while the content of phytoestrogens can cause kidney failure.

Red blood cells clumping

Soy products contain hemagglutinin that make red blood cells clump. This causes the oxygen in the blood is reduced, so that heart attacks and other chronic diseases can be experienced.

Mineral absorption terhambar

Ketchup sold in the market contain high amounts of phytate which can interfere with the digestive process, by blocking the absorption of minerals in the human body.

Reduced sperm count

There is research that states a decrease in sperm count occurs because the habit of consuming soy products. Excessive consumption of soy can increase the levels of sex hormones estrogen, thereby disrupting male reproductive health.

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