Monday, August 15, 2016

10 Vegetables with Less Side Effects Good

Vegetables identical as healthy food and provide many benefits for the body. Behind the healthful properties, Elle summarize, there are 10 vegetables that were not so good for health. Here is the tenth of these vegetables.

Nightshade vegetables in categories such as peppers, potatoes and eggplants known as a source of inflammation. Inflammation can lead to serious complications such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. In addition, peppers also contain solanine which can interfere with nerve function, causing twitching and seizures.

Basically broccoli was not too bad for the health. However, consumption of broccoli can cause bloating that cause discomfort.

Brussels Sprout
As with broccoli, brussels sprouts also include cruciferous vegetables, which not only produces gas in the stomach but also increase sharply due to the smell of flatulence. This is caused by the presence of raffinose and sulfate. The content rafinosa will not be digested before it reaches the large intestine where it will be fermented in the large intestine. While the content of sulfate is a 'responsible' to produce a pungent odor.

Canned vegetables
Snack canned vegetables are endowed by salt and flavorings. Both of these can cause digestive problems that may lead to abdominal pain. In addition, the sodium content of canned vegetables in a highly exaggerated. I wonder if the canned food is not good for health.

There is an assumption that can burn calories chewing celery. But in fact, celery is a vegetable that is not so nutritious. In addition, the USDA also found that generally celery contains 68 percent peptisida.

Corn is basically one of the most popular vegetables to be eaten in a variety of occasions. Unfortunately, the corn is known as a vegetable that is often used as the subject of genetic modification. As a result of this genetic modification, the body can not recognize proteins derived from the modified corn. As a result, in some cases the sensitivity will increase causing allergies. In addition, corn is usually served with a smear of butter and salt both of which are not good for health.

Eggplant is a popular vegetable as a substitute for meat because eggplant is easy to absorb the flavor. Unfortunately, excess eggplant's sponge absorbs not only taste but also absorb fat, calories and sodium.

As well as potatoes and corn, peas constitute glycemic vegetables and berzat flour. The nature of this vegetable may promote weight loss, increased blood sugar levels and high levels of hunger.

potatoes is particularly many content of potassium and vitamins. Unfortunately, potatoes are often presented without the skin contains a lot of fiber. Besides potatoes without the skin is usually processed, fried and coated in salt. These processes damage the nutrients in potatoes. Therefore, although made from potatoes, French fries are not good for health.

Spinach is often considered as the healthiest vegetables because it is rich in vitamins A and C as well as having anti-cancer properties. Unfortunately, non-organic spinach usually contains peptisida up nearly 50 percent. If you want to get a good benefit from spinach, select organic spinach as an option.

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