Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A breath of Fresh Air Can Be the Best Medicine

A breath of fresh air in the open green, it can help cure someone who is ill. Doctor Valerie Gladwell from the University of Essex, said activity in the open air were clean proven to improve health.

Valerie said, in the study in 2010 found that only 5 minutes per day in the open already can improve mood and self-esteem.

"Walking outdoors can release endorphins and hormones that promote better mood, oxytocin," says Valerie.

One of the fun activities in nature that is gardening. According to the former president of the Royal Society of Physicians, the outdoors can help the recovery of the disease.

"Gardening can encourage those who are sick, for example, stroke with paralysis to move their limbs," said Sir Richard Thompson,

Enjoy the fresh air with gardening also rated good for patients with arthritis or arthritis. Often encountered patients who are afraid or too limiting movement of his body after being exposed to the disease.

"Gardening helps take their mind off the pain, because it will focus on the plants." Sir Richard continued.

A breath of fresh air can be the best medicine for the patient. Johanna Basford, patients who have migraines as a teenager claimed to feel better after a diligent doing outdoor activities.

Johanna likes walking around the park, biking, and gardening to get morning sun and breathe fresh air.

Tammy Parsons, a breast-cancer patients also choose to live in the countryside clean of the dirty air emissions of motor vehicles to recover the disease. According to him, being outdoors, especially surrounded by beautiful nature can reconcile hearts.

Doctors may recommend gardening activities for patients to benefit psychologically and physically.

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