Thursday, August 18, 2016

Diet for Hypertension Can Fix Uric Acid Levels

Healthy diet recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure, it can also be a non-drug therapies for gout complaint.

the so-called DASH diet requires us to eat fruits and vegetables that much, choose low-fat milk, and limit your intake of fat and saturated fat.

In tests on more than 4000 people, those who underwent DASH diet also decreased levels of uric acid.

Experts say, the ability of the DASH diet to lower uric acid levels significantly, even approaching the effectiveness of the drug.

"These results are good news for those who suffer from gout. Changes in diet to prevent gout should be first-line therapy," said lead researcher Dr.Edgar Miller III.

DASH diet could also be an alternative for those who suffer from mild to moderate gout, but refused to take medication.

So far, people who have high uric acid levels are advised to limit alcohol intake and protein. Perhaps the results of research that can be added the need to adopt the DASH diet.

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