Thursday, August 25, 2016

5 Health Benefits of Mushrooms Consumption

Besides tasty mushrooms also contain many vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. These five reasons why we should be diligent eating mushrooms:

1. Rich in vitamin B
B vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin and folate are key to the body's metabolic processes. Several types of mushrooms contain vitamin B higher than the other.

Therefore, it is important to eat a variety of mushrooms. For example, portobello mushrooms contain more folate than crimini mushrooms. While shitake mushrooms contain vitamin B6 compared to other types of mushrooms.

2. Contains vitamin D
Mushrooms are a source of nutritional vitamin D, which is needed for healthy bones, muscles, nerve function and the immune system.

Although difficult to meet the daily needs of vitamin D just from the fungus alone (about 3 percent), consumption of mushrooms either to increase the intake of vitamin D, especially when we do not eat foods such as fish or eggs.

3. Delaying aging
Mushrooms also contain antioxidants that are beneficial to health. First, mushrooms fight free radicals that damage the body and cause serious illness conditions such as heart disease and cancer. Antioxidants are helpful also delay aging.

In addition, mushrooms are also a source of selenium are essential for maintaining the health of the reproductive system, the production of DNA, the function of the thyroid gland, as well as serve the fight against oxygen free radicals.

4. Improving the taste of umami
Mushrooms give flavor in other foods that are also being cooked. But mold also gives the taste of umami, savory flavor when cooked growing stronger.

Add this umami flavor in pasta or salad. Can also add sauteed mushrooms to the omelet to add savory flavor.

5. Low calorie
Mushrooms are low-calorie foods that add texture and depth of flavor to food.

One bowl of brown or raw white mushrooms only contain about 20 calories, while the protein content is 2 grams.

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