Monday, August 8, 2016

Although the Same Glucose, Why Honey is Better than Sugar

Honey and sugar are both composed of glucose and fructose. However, honey has a 'reputation' is better for health than regular sugar. What is the reason?

Nutritionists Keith Kantor, Ph.D. said glucose is the fuel for the body. To obtain this fuel, the body must break down food into glucose. Increasingly komplesk these foods, such as carbohydrates, the more effort the body needs to break down food.

Sugar, further offices, consisting of 50 percent glucose and 50 percent fructose. This content can be easily broken down so that the blood sugar can directly increase after eating sugar. The rest of the breakdown of sugars unused by the body as fuel will automatically be stored as fat in the body.

On the other hand, the Office also explained that the honey is composed almost entirely of sugar. Honey is also composed of glucose and fructose. Only a small percentage of glucose and fructose in honey is different from the percentage in the regular sugar.

The office said honey is composed of 30 percent glucose and fructose content below 40 percent. The rest, about 20 percent more sugar in the form of more complex, as well as a type of fiber called dextrin. The content is more complex in the honey will encourage the body to use more energy to break down into glucose honey.

"Therefore, you will have accumulated calories lower end of the honeymoon," said Office as reported by the Huffington Post.

In addition, the Office also said that honey bees have the advantage of a form of 'heritage' which is generated when the bees go from one crop to another. 'Heritage' will very much depend on the area of ​​origin of honey. 'Heritage' bees make honey contains minerals such as zinc or selenium and vitamin although the amount is not much.

The office also said that honey is not easily damaged. Therefore, honey does not contain any preservatives or substances that cause addiction.

"If you want to use a spoonful of sweetener in your tea, drop the options on honey than sugar," Office message.

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