Sunday, August 14, 2016

In addition to Eat Too Much, It Causes Stomach Fat Accumulates

Piles of fat in the abdomen is one of the enemy's appearance, but of course dangerous to health. Unfortunately, belly fat is among the difficult to remove.

The cause of the stomach so the bulge is visceral fat, the type of fat that is in and envelop the organs. Well, these fats have an active metabolism alias releasing chemicals that can cause inflammation and in the long term lead to chronic diseases.

Reduce your intake of foods containing sugar and simple carbohydrates are an important way to prevent the formation of visceral fat.

Apart from that, it turns out there are some conditions that make any increase in weight is often the accumulation of fat in the abdomen menyebab add too.

1. Genetic
One of the things that were most responsible for the way our bodies store fat is genetic. Note in your family, whether parents have a body shape "apple" or "pear". Apple body shape they are usually easier to have fat deposits.

2. Hormonal changes
Around menopause, women who are slender-bellied his youth will begin to accumulate abdominal fat. The decline in estrogen and metabolism more slowly so the cause.

3. Lack of sleep
Research has shown that sleep five hours a night or even less, is associated with an increase in abdominal fat. The same risks are also experienced by those who sleep more than 8 hours every day. Sleep and metabolism are closely linked, including the burning of fat.

4. Chronic Stress
when under stress, the body releases many hormones cortisol. At first this will make us more excited on sweets and fatty foods because it gives a sense of comfort. Cortisol also causes the body to burn fewer calories.

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