Sunday, August 7, 2016

Brown Algae Can Heal Stroke

Brown algae have often overlooked proved useful to cure stroke. It was delivered by Dhanang Puruhita one student at the Faculty of Medicine at the UB (Unibraw) Malang, East Java.

According to him, the brown algae containing fucoidan compounds that can propel cells in the brain.

"So in brown algae that contained the compound fucoidan. Well compound that we use. Fucoidan was able to drive the cells, cells that can turn into other cells in the body to get to parts of the body were damaged, one of them in the brain, "he told, Saturday (06/08/2016).

The presence of the compounds found in the post-ischemic stroke research development - acceleration and regeneration therapy (psico-ART).

There are five students who conducted the study. The result is known that brown algae have fucoidan content of as much as 10 percent and were able to restore brain function stroke patients.

Not difficult to use brown algae as a healer stroke. Fucoidan extracted from brown algae is dried. Then the extract is taken. After it is processed into liquid and dripped orally to patients with stroke.

According Dhanang, liquid oral fucoidan-entered regenerate damaged cells, thereby contributing to restore the function of organs.

In the meantime, the results were tested to wistar rats stroke. The mice were given a solution of fucoidan once a day. As a result, within a week the mouse can go on as usual.

However, to be consumed by humans in general, this research still must go through further research. Especially about safety if consumed by humans.

"There is still more research must be done mainly for safety testing," he explained.

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