Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fish Oil Fast Heart Attack Recovery

Changing lifestyle to become healthier shall be those who have had heart attacks. One supplement that could accelerate the recovery is fish oil.

The study concluded that the consumption of fish oil supplements in high doses for six months after a heart attack can improve heart function and reduce scar heart.

Similarly, according to the conclusion of a study conducted by Kwong Dr.Raymond to 360 heart attack survivors. Half of the respondents were given 4 grams of omega-3 fatty acids every day for 6 months, while the rest were given placebo pills.

In patients who have high triglyceride levels, the doctor will usually prescribe fish oil supplements 1-2 grams a day.

From the results of cardiac MRI examination found no increase in heart function 6 percent and scarring.

Even so, according to Dr.Gregg Fonarow, professor of cardiology at the University of California, Los Angeles, previous research on the benefits of fish oil have not been given a strong result.

"There is still debate about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in heart attack patients," he said.

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