Thursday, December 15, 2016

Already Healthy Living, Kok Still Sick

Again and again I hear complaints like the title above, not only in practice but also in the room a lot of news about health issues.

Do not take for granted, I started 'guerilla'. From asking deeper, to read more carefully. Duh, it turns out what I found more and make the heart sad.

The term 'healthy' solely still considered diligent exercise, do not touch fried foods, rarely eat outside the home and anti foods with preservatives especially dyes.

Breakfast with wheat bread and oatmeal (which both do not grow on Earth Indonesia) is considered healthy.

Replacing sugar with organic honey is considered definitely will not trigger diabetes. Eating green noodles you think more healthful than fried vermicelli. Worse yet, cigarettes 'herbal' calculated safer than cigarettes!

Label 'healthy' are often sold cheap by the manufacturer, was finally adopted as a 'new normality' by consumers who did not receive information about the balance of healthy real terms.

The victim is not only adults who moves his reading is limited, but the kids who are just learning about what is good and what does not.

Snacking culture did not escape from the target traders and manufacturers. Citing outdated beliefs colonial culture, all of which bersusu considered healthy and good. Starting from sweetened condensed milk until biscuit packaging to lure 'contains all the goodness of milk'.

The efforts to encourage exclusive breastfeeding finally shattered as the age of supplementary food started to go with various artificial flavors, including milk taste is not the same as her mother. To be sure, does not have the quality and resources to support growth as well as efficacious as the protection of the mother's milk.

The age of greater even into adulthood, beliefs about healthy food even messier.

In the 21st century, healthy food requirements become more 'class' with increasingly fierce lunge food industry.

Not enough fresh chicken called healthy protein, if it is still processed in a way that is not as healthy as baked and fried especially made sausage (and fried sausages and gentlemen!). Not to mention, the chicken still contain residues of antibiotics or growth hormones were forced to process greedy chicken industry.

Not enough is considered healthy snack extent not berpengawet or color is striking, but still a high content of sugar, salt and fat.

Extremely unethical if the requirements of healthy food developed country that has been so tight to protect the public evidently still slack in the developing world whose status as if 'still struggling to make people satisfied only'.

So many food products that are now rejected by the public developed countries or at least not be underestimated, is currently a popular food in our country on the basis of the biting taste and practicality of life.

Not long ago I accidentally overnight in Semarang after the affairs of the work in the hope of meeting the whiz chicken soup, dazed, wet spring rolls and various Peranakan food along Semawis market.

But how shocked and disappointed I am, because almost 70% controlled by foreign food tent outside Semarang, call it speaking Korea and Japan - are not just 'deep fried' - but also not considered to be healthy in the country of origin.

Moreover multicolored drinks sweetened with fruit mixture. There is only one original seller of chicken soup. It was not much demand.

Similarly, when the durian festival enliven one big mall - stage durian 'real' only one.

More stalls that sell a variety of things 'about durian'. Ranging from ice cream (which duriannya somehow it just feels alone or a percentage of the juice), to other processed food because processing interventions ultimately must include permission BPOM, while no real durian.

It is actually a very definitive to differentiate between where the food is natural and what is not.

Unfinished term 'healthy living' are discussed in terms of food, there is another contributor. Call it the use of spraying the rooms were so wild promotion, the use of plastic containers (not just menyalahan styrafoam!), As well as non-stick cookware, motor vehicle pollution by exhaust factory, everything was only a percentage of all contributors to the disease that comes without permission: cancer.

On the other hand, the research-based public health has not got a place - which again became the black sheep funding problems.

While victims are many and growing, doctors still argue classic when asked the cause of the disease: either heredity or 'not known why'.

Meanwhile, businesses and industries increasingly fierce giras and show his authority.

Cigarette prices getting cheaper (easy to know because all the roads placed banner stand with a striking price), the market is flooded with industrial products, while the pa

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