Monday, December 19, 2016

Know Kombucha, Fermented Beverages Super Healthy

've Heard of kombucha? The traditional drink is fermented tea and sugar solution with pure symbiosis of bacteria and yeast called SCOBY.

Dhila Baharudin Nurul Hadi, artisan fermented Kombucha Edge said, in fact kombucha has long been known in Indonesia. Approximately 1930, instead kombucha in carrying medicinal selling menu, but is called by the name of the tea fungus.

"Around the year 1980 in Bandung, tea fungus also had to be a trend and almost every house to make it, but then drowned," said Dhila at Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta forum Volume 28, discussing the intricacies variety of unique drinks.

Despite its name, the tea mushroom, kombucha Dhila ensure very safe to eat. Because the beverage preparation takes seven to 10 days it produces beneficial substances such as glucuronic acid, lactic acid, vitamins, amino acids, and antibiotics during the fermentation process takes place.

Men born in Kediri, February 11, 1985, said another uniqueness of kombucha is its fermentation hardly produce alcohol. The level of alcohol in kombucha recorded the final results of laboratory tests only for 0.00002 percent, even lower than the level of alcohol in a fermented.

Kombucha is like a miniature biochemical factories that has tremendous benefits, called Dhila can treat the body inside and out. From some research, found excellent kombucha to improve the condition of the body, treat constipation, against arteriosclerosis, restore digestive function, offering poisons, and beneficial for patients with mental stress.

"Regular consumption of kombucha in the long run because the cancer therapy is believed to be its main function is detox. Mains kombucha chewy texture can also be affixed or applied as a useful drug scratches and stop the bleeding," he said.

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