Monday, December 26, 2016

Maximizing the Benefits of Green Tea to Lose Weight

A limited scientific study conducted by the University of Geneva found that green tea is thermogenic. This means that green tea can accelerate the metabolism and burning fat.

"Green tea is able to trigger fat burning more than caffeine in the same amount," said study author G. Abdul Dulloo.

The results of this study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. In another study, people who exercise that drinking green tea, show the results of weight loss are two times more than who did not drink green tea.

Benefits of weight loss, derived from a substance called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an antioxidant found in green tea.

The question is, what are all the products of green tea on the market today, has the same benefits to each other, or the same as green tea used in the study?

If there are differences, what are the factors distinctive? Listen answer diet and nutrition specialists from the US, Keri Glassman.

Today, outstanding not just a plain green tea products but there are also green tea in various flavors. For example, green tea cranberry, lychee green tea, green tea and other wines. "The benefits of green tea should not be reduced by the addition of flavor," said Glassman.

A flavor enhancer, may contain sugar, which means extra calories for your body. Another case if the taste enhancer is jasmine, which is zero calories. Plain green tea with jasmine green tea, as effective for weight loss.

Then, if the brand of green tea can make a difference as well? "Yes. There can be a difference in terms of quality tea leaves and the number of additional substances that are not needed," said Glassman.

When drinking green tea, you certainly want to make sure that you get the maximum benefit. Therefore, check the label before buying, is an important thing to do. Select only ingredients and flavorings or natural aroma.

Do iced green tea is as effective as green tea hot? Actually, both are helpful for the product you use does not contain additives such as sugar. However, maximum benefit will you be if you drink it in hot conditions.

Tip of Glassman: Do not boil the water to a full boil. Instead, pour water over the tea bag just before boiling (the point at which small bubbles begin to form). Then, let the tea a bit cool for about two to four minutes.

Make sure you drank green tea, within six months after you buy it. "Because if not, the tea will lose some of the strength of its antioxidant" said Glassman.

Is green tea extract to give the same benefits as fresh green tea? According to Glassman, more or less so.

"Depending on their composition, but the average green tea extracts have benefits equivalent to eight to 10 glasses of green tea," said Glassman.

So, you're not jka time to brew green tea, mix your drinking water with green tea extract, is a good and necessary thing to do if you are on a weight loss program.

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