Sunday, December 4, 2016

Beware, Drinking Too Much Water Can Be Fatal Mixed Results

A health professionals warn to be careful to drink plenty of fluids. It was done with a woman who was hospitalized because of poisoning the water.

After examination of the symptoms of urinary tract infection for women aged 59 years is too much intake of water. The woman was then seriously ill and was admitted to King's College Hospital and can be fatal if not treated promptly.

In the case of the British Medical Journal report, Dr. Laura Christine Lee and Maryann Noronha stating the patient's condition continued to deteriorate after being admitted to hospital. "During his visit to the emergency room, he became increasingly shaky and confused. She vomited several times, shaking and could hardly speak, "they wrote as reported by the Independent, Saturday (3/12).

As it turned out, the woman of the day had consumed several liters of water. This he did in accordance with the doctor's instructions should drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

The patient was experiencing a low salt content that is not normal to have a death rate of nearly 30 percent for liquid poisoning. The women even feel grief should end up in the hospital with food poisoning.

"What is even more frightening than what happened because I do not know or understand what is happening," wrote the patient in the journal. She remembers when her hands shook so hard but could not stop him and realized his whole body shaking.

Chairman of clinical innovation and research Hospital Royal College, Imran Rafi said it was important for someone to know how much water should be drunk. "Drinking enough water is essential to maintain health both physically and mentally," said Rafi. He also assesses the patient should keep the liquid when unwell, especially in conditions that can lead to dehydration.

However, he insists there is no recommendation for sure how much a person should drink to stay healthy. Just look at the woman's case, Rafi concluded berlebiha water intake can have consequences.

Health institutions in the UK recommends drinking six to eight glasses of fluid a day. While the UK NHS guidelines are still advised to drink plenty of water.

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