Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mental Disorder because of Social Media

Do we feel these days of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even WhatsApp met by a wide variety of excitement that made us sometimes feel uncomfortable? If indeed we feel that way, then what you feel too much experienced by my patients.

Lately many problems experienced by my patients uncomfortable linked by news they read on social media.

Some of them are very much affected by the flow of information that are often confused and confusing about what is gained from social media. Some examples of cases are listed below.

Psychotic due medsos
My patient is male 40s. Patients were taken by her family because of recent looked confused and started talking about the chaotic situation that he imagined would happen. This condition is triggered by the news that a patient visits related to large demonstrations in recent years.

Flow of information he can from exacerbating social media what he could before the news on television. Mazy opinion on social media plus the news is not true (hoax) that he read made him more confused.

At one point he told the family of a theory of saving the state where he would lead the rescue effort. He believes only he is capable of doing that and very sure of his efforts.

Background as a grocer used to make those who hear his story became concerned patients already experiencing mental problems. When examined patients were known to have problems delusions / delusions of grandeur.

During the interview the patient passionately said that he could save the country from the devastation of the civil war. Diagnosis leads to an acute psychotic conditions that may not be a paranoid schizophrenic in the future (new patients experiencing this for less than a month).

Post traumatic stress disorder resurfaced

Middle-aged women have come up with a tremendous fear. News of social media which he read related to turmoil in recent demo and berta hoax that he read about the ethnic Chinese make a shadow traumatic period of 1998 remembered.

Patients say when in 1998 he was on the road almost experiencing the impact of mass savagery. At that time after the events of 1998 he underwent psychiatric treatment because of problems associated with traumatic that he experienced.

The instability of the current situation and the many news mazy and hoaxes related to the present condition as a trigger for her. On the one hand he does not want to read it, but on the other hand he was troubled avoid such information is very massive and excessive social media even WhatssApp family group that he attended.

The symptoms that resemble anxiety and panic recur often.

Wisely use social media

I do feel that the flow of information is currently very exaggerated and sometimes we are not able to cope with the rapid flow of such information. So much information makes it difficult to sort out which one is right or wrong. Which is true which is fabricated information that was deliberately made for specific purposes.

Unfortunately, everyone seemed to feel want to follow disseminate news and information that is not necessarily true. Some may just want to say for news updates.

No wonder we also began to see the conflicts in the comments mention Facebook and Twitter. Even in WhatssApp group that we have a lot of fuss about each other that eventually disagree about many topics posted.

There are some tips you can do to be more wise to use social media
a. Use social media to make friends, provide positive news and establish Silahturahim with others.
b. If you get the news broadcasts do not be too trusting and straight forward, check first or the broadcast ends meet until you stop it. Do not feel update or miss the news by not forwarding the reports. Sometimes not all information should be disseminated not?
c. Some news that contain elements of racial intolerance and in the event of contention could cause conflict among friends or relatives better screened beforehand. Wise in spreading the news like this because perhaps not everyone had the same thoughts with us.
d. If bermedia social on Facebook and Twitter may not always have to leave a comment. Keep ourselves to be wise in the comments and keep our fingers that seem to pass on the news could even lead to conflict in the future.
e. One definition of Mental Health is our ability to think positively about ourselves and others. Get used to think so then we can be better in this life.
Hopefully this short article helpful. Let's still keep the unity of us. May All Beings Be Happy.

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