Wednesday, December 14, 2016

With Diamond, Nuclear Waste Can Be Treated So Batteries

Waste generated from any human activity on Earth would have a bad effect on the environment if not addressed properly, not to mention nuclear waste. To that end, the researchers are currently trying to harness nuclear waste to be processed into a long battery life.

Using a man-made diamond, batteries made of nuclear waste is estimated to last more than 5,000 years. Thus, the battery will be able to support devices requiring long-term battery power like a pacemaker, drones, satellites and spacecraft.

Scientists create diamond radiaktif battery by converting nuclear waste. They say this breakthrough could help solve the problem of waste into nuclear-powered battery and clean energy supply in the long term. "There are no moving parts, no emissions are generated and do not need treatment," the expert geochemical University of Bristol, Tom Scott.

Now researchers in the stage of improving the efficiency of the device. The researchers created the prototype 'batteries diamonds' using radioactive isotopes Nickel-63 as a radiation source. To do this, they use carbon-14 to moderate reactions at nuclear power plants.

Carbon-14 is then extracted and dimaskukkan into man-made diamonds to produce a nuclear-powered batteries. "Carbon-14 selected as a radiation source that can emit radiation over short distances rapidly absorbed by the solid material," explained Dr Neil Fox from the University's School of Chemistry.

If produced in 2016, this battery will run at full power until the year 7746. However, after 5730 years, the battery will decrease to 50 percent and after 11 thousand years will be reduced by 25 percent. The development project carried out by the researchers have been funded over the next three years.

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