Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Benefits of Green Beans for Beauty

The green beans are not only good for consumption. However, the green beans are also very good for beauty care.

The following reviews the benefits of green beans as reported Boldsky, Tuesday (07/4/2015).


Get rid of acne using green beans are helpful. Mix the green beans with turmeric powder mixed with a little water, make a paste which is solid. Apply it on your pimples and wait until dry.


Blackheads can be removed with a mix of green beans and sugar. Sugar useful to get rid of blackheads.


To reduce aging lines, you can use green beans and rose water to remove wrinkles. Though both materials are made in a dense paste and apply on the area of ​​your skin that wrinkles every Malem before bed.

Fine hairs

It turns green beans can also be used as a remover of fine hairs on the face. You need tomatoes, green beans and tomato juice. Apply on face wait one hour before rinsing.


Moles difficult to remove, but you can disguise a mole on your face using green beans that have been refined. Apply on your moles daily to reduce the color of your moles.

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