Thursday, April 16, 2015

Symptoms of Heat Stroke Due to the Sun Keep Caution

The rainy season is almost over, so that the heat of the sun occasionally feels very pungent. Attacks solar heat can cause heat stroke or heat stroke sun that could threaten health.

Extreme temperatures and weak resistance of the human body can cause damage to certain organs. Although the elderly are often the victims of this problem, younger people can also be affected.

Here are some symptoms of heat stroke you need to be aware of, as reported Boldsky, Thursday (16/04/2015).


It is one of the symptoms of heat stroke. Headache is one of the common symptoms of this problem, which can be perceived by the throbbing sensation in the head.

Stomach nausea

Adults who suffered heat stroke sun will probably get these symptoms. Extreme hot temperatures can make someone nausea and vomiting.

Breathing pattern changed

Someone could start breathing difficulties during irregular breathing pattern started. It is one of the symptoms of the sun's heat is too extreme for you.

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