Thursday, April 23, 2015

British Researchers Find Herbal Tea antimalarial

Good news, British researchers recently discovered anti-malarial herbal tea made from the roots of weeds.

Malaria is transmitted by the bite of an infected mosquito parasites. In the human body, the parasites called plasmodium will multiply in the liver, and then infect red blood cells which eventually led to patients experiencing symptoms of malaria in patients with influenza-like symptoms, if left untreated it will be more severe and complications can occur that lead to death.

Malaria drug trend in the 1990s is one type of drug quinine. Over time, many types of new drugs discovered by foreign researchers who like mengulik types of herbs that can be used to treat various types of diseases.

Zeenews quoted on Thursday (04/23/2015), herbal tea is traditionally clay grass roots combined with a special herb used to relieve the symptoms of malaria.

Herbal tea was coined by researcher named Merlin Willcox from the University of Oxford UK, Zephirin Dakuyo of Phytoflam and fellow researchers discuss other antimalarial tea and pharmacological properties of medicinal herbs originating from Cochlospermaceae planchonii, amarus, and cassia alata.

Researchers reveal the unique historical perspective in describing the initial evaluation, development, and production of herbal tea. In fact, in the UK the tea plant cultivated many people because it is a great opportunity to help treat malaria. Not only that, the treatment of wild grass roots herbal tea has also been shown to treat hepatitis.

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