Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Seven Benefits of Magic Ice Cubes For Beauty

The majority of womanhood are willing to spend a lot of money in order to maintain her beauty. Though there are a variety of ways beauty care in a way that is easy and inexpensive.

One is to use ice cubes. It turns out the ice cubes save a series of benefits for skin health and beauty. Here are seven of the usefulness of ice as quoted from the All Women Stalk.

Maintain long-lasting make-up
Apply a small piece of ice all over your face before applying foundation. The use of ice cubes before daub makeup makeup is believed able to make a quick not fade. In addition, ice cubes also make the face look more fresh.

Tighten facial skin
Wrap ice cubes in a towel and then stick to the face for a few minutes. This method is able to tighten biscuits and made fresh when you wake up in the morning.

Routine use also powerful shrink pores and accelerate blood circulation. This method is also able to soften the skin and prevent wrinkles. For those who have problems with acne, ice cubes so effective alternative to overcome.

Remove eye bags
Are you a hobby to stay up? Ice cubes made from green tea could be a solution to remove bags under the eyes. Wrap the green tea ice cubes with a flannel cloth and gently wipe the eye socket area. You can also use cold cucumber to compress the eye.

Reduce red stain acne scars
Rub an ice cube to the area to which the breeding of acne scars. Injuries caused by acne will shrink with this simple way.

Facilitate the lifting of eyebrows
Rubbing ice cubes on the eyebrows to facilitate the lifting of the eyebrows. If when removing eyebrow raised again pain, back rub ice cubes.

Remove skin pain caused by sun exposure
Too many are outdoors cause skin frequently exposed to sunlight. Quite often arise pains and skin becomes reddish. Combine aloe vera, water, and ice cubes. This herb is proven to reduce the pain.

Brilliant skin secret
Make ice cubes with the basic ingredients of orange juice. Rub the frozen juice on the skin. The more diligent you rub it then you will get the facial skin clean and healthy. Do not forget to rinse clean water after use.

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