Thursday, April 16, 2015

Expert: It's not juiced Fruit Nutrition Whole Again

Emilia E Achmadi nutrition expert said the nutritional content of processed fruit in juice form are no longer intact when compared to the original fruit.

"The fruit in the form of juice still delicious, but the content of vitamins in fruit juices that will be destroyed because of the destruction of fresh fruit so that the nutrients are not intact like real fruit," said Emilia in Jakarta, Thursday (16/4).

Emilia explains, people in the country have started to care about the health and began to incorporate fruit into a part of the diet that must be consumed daily.

"The outbreak of fruit juice and fruit soaked in mineral water is also a new trend that can not be separated from the habits of the people in the enjoyment of the fruit," he added.

Even to avoid boredom in consuming the fruit that's it, he said, some innovations also be a solution to overcome the boredom. "There are many ways to enjoy the fruit. For Indonesia, have long enjoyed the fruits not only directly, but also in several ways. For example serving of fruit in the form of salad, pickles, fruit ice up into the menu of Indonesian food. So we have not familiar with different ways to enjoy the fruit, "said Emilia.

To meet the daily nutrition, Emilia advise people to consume fruits are white, orange, and purple or purplish. "If we meet all three in sufficient quantities, it needs vitamins and other nutrients have also been fulfilled," he said.

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