Thursday, April 9, 2015

Eating Rice Time Yesterday Apparently Beneficial for Health

Love it if we have to throw out food that has not been exhausted at dinner. Moreover, these foods can still be heated and consumed the next day.

Such actions not only part of thrift, but it has health benefits. The reaction of chemicals that occur when food was stored overnight turned out to have many positive benefits.

For example, yesterday leftover rice that contains 60 percent fewer calories than the newly cooked rice. However, if we want to eat rice yesterday, we still need to cook it properly.

One way of cooking rice is recommended to add a little coconut oil after boiling water before put in a pot of rice. Once cooked and cold, put the rice in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

If the newly cooked rice be eaten, the starch is converted into sugar or glucose by the body. Glucose is otherwise directly burned will be stored as fat. Meanwhile if allowed to stand overnight rice, starch is converted into a resistant starch that can not be digested. This means that the calories will not grow.

The addition of coconut oil will also make rice yesterday was not too sticky and produce more resistant starch in rice.

However, reheat rice was not too recommended. "Bacillus cereus bacteria found in rice could survive during the cooking process. When the rice has cooled, the spores will multiply and produce neurotoxins that can make sick," said Martin Goldberg, a microbiologist.

Besides rice, soup bones also contain a lot of benefits, especially the beauty of the skin. Collagen in the bones will be broken down into easily digested gelatin and so beneficial to the skin.

To be more optimal benefits, it is advisable to settle and bone soup before diasup. This process will make the minerals contained in the bone, such as calcium, magnesium, and marrow, more easily absorbed by the body.

Heat the soup only once and the temperature is not too hot, or about 60 degrees so that the bacteria die. This means, separate the soup in a small pot each time to be heated.

Other foods that higher nutritional value if not consumed after being cooked potatoes. Potatoes were first cooled after cooking the starch more substances.

Starch is known to have benefits such as dietary fiber, which helps prevent colon cancer, increase satiety, even reducing fat reserves.

Similarly with pasta. Reheat these foods that make the blood sugar is not too high when consumed. This means that it was safe for diabetics.

"Freshly cooked pasta are carbohydrates that are broken down into sugars in the intestine. It will increase blood sugar levels, causing a spike in insulin levels. Fluctuations like this over time will lead to diabetes mellitus," said Sam Christie, food researchers.

Well, cool and warm the back of pasta before eaten by Christie will make it more resistant to the normal enzyme in the intestine.

"This resistant starch has a low glycemic index, so it does not quickly raise blood sugar levels," he said.

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