Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cell Phone Radiation on Pregnant woman gives birth to baby Hyperactivity

Exposure to cell phone radiation is also very dangerous for pregnant women. This will have an impact on fetal brain development and risk having hyperactive children.

This is evidenced by the Yale School of Medicine, where the medical Professor and Head of the Yale Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Dr. Hugh Taylor, wrote a recent study to investigate the effects of mobile phone exposure in pregnancy.

"We had pregnant mice in cages and try to put the phone on top of the cage. This method allows the mice to produce offspring that are not healthy due to an active cell phone radiation," said Dr. Taylor, as quoted by Daily Mail, Thursday (30/04/2015).

Furthermore, Dr Taylor said that pregnant women to be careful with mobile devices should be avoided. Therefore, mobile phone radiation has been shown to damage a person's DNA, affect the function of the brain become weak, and would pose a risk of children with behavioral problems hyperactivity. If your baby has been hyperactive, so feared would disrupt the process of understanding and emotions.

In the UK, has been plenty of evidence of side effects from mobile phone use. In fact, smartphone manufacturers Blackberry and Iphone users warned not to be too dependent to the gadget through an advertisement.

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