Thursday, March 2, 2017

Avoid foods Oily When Painful Joints

Turned out to influence food intake joint problems. Nutritionists Mirza Hapsari Way revealed, there are some foods that should be avoided when it is experiencing joint pain.

"Avoid foods with high oil, high trans fat. Foods such as these can cause inflammation (inflammation)," said Mirza launch event Sayangi joint program by PT Kalbe Farma in IDI's Office, Jakarta, Thursday (03/02/2017) ,

Mirza explained greasy foods can increase cholesterol, resulting in stiffness of the blood flow. As a result, the supply of oxygen carried in the blood to the muscles will be reduced and there inflammation.

Mirza said, the foods that trigger inflammation can certainly exacerbate the problem joints. Inflammation should be stopped because if not, there will be recurrent pain.

Joints are the parts that connect the two bones. Joints easily develop inflammation or pain due to various reasons. Can be caused by injury during exercise, their cartilage damage, or due to the movement that is wrong in the body.

In addition, oily foods such as fried foods also lead to obesity. Now, obesity itself in turn can increase the risk of painful joints, especially the knees are always burdened.

The problem, junk food, fried foods, and other high-fat foods that often the everyday food. Begin to reduce the greasy food because it is not only a joint problems, but also the health of the whole body.

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