Sunday, March 19, 2017

Dangers of Smoking on Fetal

Siloam Hospitals Gynecology Specialist Doctors Asri, Achmad Mediana said, couples who want to prepare for pregnancy should be smoke-free and alcohol for three months.

"The husband and wife should stop smoking. Both of them not only the mother but also the prospective father," he said, Sunday (19/3). Preparing for pregnancy, there must be careful planning.

In Jakarta alone air pollution has been remarkable, especially coupled smoking then higher pollution. "The smoke contains nicotine. In fact, nicotine, alcohol, coffee all make blood vessels do not elastic. Imagine what the impact on the fetus if oxygen and nutrients do not flow smoothly due to no elastic blood vessels," said Achmad.

Smoking makes the fetus is deprived of oxygen and even shortness of breath. Moreover, the growth of the fetal cells need oxygen.

"The fetus is not going to die but later brain development are lacking due to lack of oxygen. If the child is less clever and just pass the oxygen bound parents grumble when the growth of brain cells need oxygen, so parents married mandatory stop smoking when merencanalan pregnancy," said Achmad.

The growth of brain cells are deprived of oxygen to the fetus due to parents smoke also cause cognitive creativity is less than other children whose parents live a healthy life.

"The influence of nicotine to pregnant women is not any good. I practice medicine there berkrmbang pregnancies, are all linked to raw materials such as what," said Achmad.

In addition to better prepare for pregnancy by mothers and families also have to prepare for childbirth well. Childbirth should not be done in a hurry, there should be no infection, and do not panic.

Pediatrician Siloam Asri Alinda rubiati Wibowo added, a child must be monitored because the growth is very important to optimize the development of the child.

"Growth and development of children in the golden age of zero to three years. Children can be optimized growth of up to 18 years."

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