Monday, March 13, 2017

Facts and Benefits Skin Lemon

Lemon can be a fruit that has many benefits. Not only has an important role in the kitchen, the lemon is also beneficial for the human immune.

This fruit is rich in potassium which is necessary to think clearly and maintain a normal blood pressure. If you want to gargle to eliminate bad bacteria, take half a glass of hot water and a squeeze of lemon juice. Use it to rinse.

Not only juice, lemon peel also has many benefits as quoted by Sky Bold.

Lemon was incredible, so did her skin. Too bad there are people who do not know it and throw away the skin away to the dump.

In fact, some studies say eating lemon with the skin can nourish two times more than simply consuming lemon water.

What are the nutrients?
There are vitamins A, E, C, B6, riboflavin, phosphorus, iron, calcium, folate, potassium and magnesium.

One of the best ways to consume lemon with the skin is by freezing. Do not forget to wash out thoroughly before freezing.

Once frozen, simply cut off the top and bottom ends. Then milled lemon. Her skin can be incorporated into a soup, salad or pasta sauce.

In addition, can also scrape the frozen lemon peel. Enter into juice, tea, smoothies or other recipes.

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