Sunday, March 26, 2017

Considered Bad, 11 Things It Can Turns Consumed

Some foods and drinks known to have benefits for health. Therefore, those who care about health did not hesitate to enter the food and beverage into their diet.

The same thing also applies to the types of foods and beverages that are considered unhealthy. The types of foods and beverages that received the title of the adverse health easily shunned.

Most food and drinks with negative predicate is proven to have adverse effects on health, such as junk food and drinks with too much sugar. However, others in between foods such negative predicate was not really bad and even good for consumption

Science Alert summarizes the 11 myths and facts about food and drink that has a predicate bad for health. Here is the eleventh of food and beverages.

Gluten started getting oblique view from the gluten-free diet is getting popular among the people. Not only individuals with gluten intolerance are applying this diet, for ordinary citizens who do not have problems in digesting gluten too carried away and apply a gluten-free diet.

In fact, only one percent of the world's population who have the disorder celiac disease that makes the body intolerant to gluten. Most communities do not have this problem is not a problem if you want to eat a variety of foods that contain gluten.

Eggs are considered bad for health because it contains high levels of cholesterol. Cholesterol in eggs is feared to be high cholesterol which causes problems in the blood vessels.

In fact, eggs do have cholesterol levels tow. However, consumption of eggs does not instantly make automatic blood cholesterol levels become high. This is proved by research conducted by Kevin Loria and his team in rabbits. Therefore, people should not be afraid to eat eggs.

There are two things that make caffeine is not considered good for health. One of them, caffeine is considered to hamper growth. The other thing, caffeine is considered to be damaging to health.

Based on the Mayo Clinic, which is not excessive caffeine safe for consumption. Limit the average adult to consume caffeine safely is 400 mg of caffeine per day. One average cup of coffee contains caffeine which is much lower than the limit, which is about 90-120 mg.

carbonated water
Considered carbonated water can lead to kidney stones and lowering of calcium in the bones. Air typical with these small bubbles can be considered even attenuate the tooth enamel.

Nutritionists Jennifer McDaniel menagtakan bubbles in carbonated water is actually made of carbon dioxide dissolved in the water. This creates carbonic acid.

The process of creating bubbles in carbonated water it is not accompanied by the addition of sugar, calories and caffeine. However, the final form of some kind of carbonated water is often written by the contents sweeteners and others. Therefore, McDaniel menyaranakan public to read the label before buying carbonated water.

Fatty foods
There is an assumption that all kinds of fats are bad for health. Including fats are derived from avocados and olive oil.

Research shows that not all fats are bad. Several types of healthy fats can even support the weight loss process. Some of them are fat contained in fish and nuts.

Some people consider cheese as the food is not recommended in a healthy lifestyle. One reason, cheese is considered to cause addiction and addiction as well as illicit substances.

Until now, the assumption has not been proven scientifically. The team of researchers from the University of Michigan have even found that the cheese does not top the list as the most difficult food left by society.

Artificial sweeteners
Artificial sweeteners are also not free from negative perception. Artificial sweeteners are considered to trigger cancer. In fact, common materials used to make artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, saccharin had received permission from the Food and Drug Administration, United States. This permission is obtained after the Food and Drug Administration to evaluate through hundreds of studies.

However, artificial sweeteners may not be able to fulfill the desire of some people to consume something sweet. Therefore, artificial sweeteners considered less effective at cutting sugar intake in general.

Genetically Midified Organisms (GMO)
Quite often GMO products pose the debate surrounding the issue of security in taking them. GMO is not only considered to cause cancer, but is also considered harmful to the environment.

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