Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Impact of Excessive Consumption of Salt, Sugar and Fat

Without realizing it, in a day a person can eat food and drinks with a lot of salt, sugar, and fat. In fact, all three excessive buildup in the body could potentially cause adverse effects on health.

Nutritionist and health consultant Seala Septiani said, there could be a benchmark reference in regulating the intake. The guidelines, he said, is to limit the consumption of as much as four tablespoons of sugar, one teaspoon salt, and fat as five tablespoons per day.

"How easy it is to read food labels on food packaging, or could guess. For example, eat a piece of sweet martabak already contains two sugars, so ration in two tablespoons a day live longer," said the woman was 27 years old.

According Seala, moderation alias restriction is important because of the impact is not trivial. He advised the public, especially young women ages 16-19 years, to look more closely at the food that is consumed through the campaign The Pretty and Picky who popularized the hashtag #kepoinkomposisi and #janganasalgalak (do not just choose the food salty, sugary, and fatty foods).

Seala mention, too much consumption of salt can lead to hypertension, vascular disorders, and heart problems. Not to mention the risk of renal impairment, abnormal heart rate, and body electrolyte imbalance so disturbed metabolism.

Similarly, excessive fat consumption is a major factor of obesity, obesity, coronary heart disease, stroke, liver dysfunction, and slow healing of gout. The fat will interfere with performance due to the appearance of cellulite and fat folds of the skin.

"Moreover, the sugar, which is a trigger factor of obesity, diabetes, dental caries, aggravating cancer, slow healing infections, as well as lead to leptin resistance so that the body is difficult to feel satisfied," said Seala who completed the study S2 at SEAMEO Recfon Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.

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