Thursday, May 21, 2015

Asthma Sufferers children, Beware Peanut Consumption

Results of a recent study shows that most children with asthma may also be allergic to peanuts. According to the researchers, children with asthma need to perform allergy tests.

"In my opinion, if children with asthma difficulty controlling symptoms, such as wheezing and coughing, their parents can think of doing tests on peanut allergy. This is to test, whether the beans play a role in asthma symptoms as those who appear constantly, "said researcher Dr. Robert Cohn of Mercy Children's Hospital in Toledo, Ohio.

Researchers looked at the medical records of 1,517 children with asthma from a clinic that handles breathing problems at Mercy Children's Hospital, Ohio. Researchers looking at whether children diagnosed with peanut allergy, have undergone blood tests that indicate the presence of an allergic reaction to peanuts.

As a result, 665 children underwent blood tests for peanut allergy and 22 percent of children were shown to be sensitive to peanuts. However, most of the children who have these allergies, no one expected him sensitive to nuts, including his family.

The parents do not realize their peanut allergy in their children, because the symptoms are almost the same with most other allergy and asthma, such as shortness of breath, wheezing, and coughing.

Peanut allergies greatly affects the health of children with asthma. The study, published in the Journal of ediatrics, the researchers found that the average hospitalization of children with asthma with a peanut allergy are two times higher than children with asthma without peanut allergy.

"It may be allergic to nuts made children with asthma experience symptoms worse. Another reason why children with asthma should have a test of peanut allergy is due to some asthma medications should be avoided in children allergic to nuts, "said Cohn.

However, according to Cohn, further studies are still needed, in order to explore the link between nut allergy and asthma. Because, not necessarily the person who tested positive for allergies, can not completely consume nuts.

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