Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fiber Benefits for Toddlers

Common risk lack of fiber is constipation or bowel problems. This problem can progress to hemorrhoids that make children uncomfortable and in pain. Not only hemorrhoids, more fatal risks also lurk.
Lack of fiber food that occurs continuously, would be a trigger occurs colon cancer, namely the destruction of the large intestine and increased levels of blood cholesterol, says nutritionist Tuti Soenardi, quoted from

In children under five, intestinal digestion is in transition. Once past the age of 5 years, a new intestinal child will work perfectly like the intestines of adults. Therefore, the fiber must be in accordance with the strength of the intestine in digesting it.

"Fiber in foods work to bind water in large quantities, thus allowing the rest of the food can be more easily digested and quickly get out," said Tuti Soenardi.

At least there are 5 benefits of fiber for children. Can control blood lipids and prevent heart disease, control blood sugar stable, preventing the occurrence of diarrhea, helps the body lose weight, and prevent hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids.

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