Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Five Most Frequent Food Allergy Triggers

Usually protein-rich foods actually cause children having allergies. Such as cow's milk often we have encountered since thefirst.

Apart from that, there are still five other foods that trigger the onset of allergies you should know, as reported byKidshealth, Tuesday (26/5/2015).

Cow's milk

In fact, between two to three percent of babies are allergic to proteins found in cow's milk and cow's milk-based formula. Ifkids are having cow's milk protein allergy, meaning they have an abnormal immune system reaction to the protein found incow's milk.


Allergy is one of the challenges for parents. Moreover, egg allergies often experienced by children, due to chemical substances that cause skin itching.

In between one of our close relatives there who experience allergic to seafood. Uniquely, this allergy will occur for a lifetime.This is caused by high nutrient content of fish that cannot be received by someone with low antibody system.


Not a few children often experienced after eating a peanut allergy. Therefore, these nuts are very high in protein that cannot be accepted by children, especially for those protein intolerance.


Same is the case with peanuts, soy allergy is commonly experienced by infants. Many babies who are allergic to cow's milkare also allergic to the protein in soy formula. Soy protein is often associated with this problem.

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