Sunday, May 17, 2015

Four Types Classified Nuts Healthy Snacks

Beans are one type of good wholesome snacks consumed anyone. One manfaanya is to prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease. Not only that, as reported by Timesofindia, Sunday (05/17/2015), here it is four healthy nuts for a snack variation must be consumed at any time.

Cashew nut

Who does not like cashews? Luckily for you who love the beans can maintain bone health, because it is a source of calcium and magnesium, too. Unfortunately, if your body has too much magnesium intake can cause high blood pressure, seizures and migraine headaches.


Walnuts contain omega 3 and unsaturated fats are good for heart health. In fact, according to a study, bean that acts as an anti-inflammatory and reduces oxidation in the arteries.


Among all types of nuts, peanuts are a high source of folate, which is essential for brain development compounds. Not only that, the peanuts are also rich in vitamin E, you know.


If you still want to have a healthy eye, make it a habit to eat pistachios. Therefore, they contain vitamin E and vitamin B6, and contains two carotenoids, zeaxanthin and lutein, which is rarely found in nuts.

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